June 12 - September 10, Daily Service

Depart JTWNRose IslandGoat IslandFort AdamsAnn Street Pier Perotti ParkGoat IslandFort AdamsRose IslandArrive JTWN
9:15 am9:35 am9:50 am10:00 am10:10 am10:25 am
10:30 am*10:45 am10:55 am11:05 am11:20 am11:30 am*11:40 am

11:55 am

12:00 pm*12:15 pm12:25 pm12:35 pm12:50 pm1:00 pm*1:10 pm1:25 pm
1:30 pm*1:45 pm1:55 pm2:05 pm2:20 pm2:30 pm*2:40 pm2:55 pm
3:00 pm*3:15 pm3:25 pm3:35 pm3:50 pm4:00 pm*4:10 pm4:25 pm
4:30 pmsp events4:50 pm5:05 pmsp events5:25 pm
5:30 pm***5:45pmsp events5:55 pm6:05 pm***6:15pmsp events6:30 pm
6:35 pm***6:50 pmsp events7:00 pm7:10 pm***7:20 pmsp events7:35 pm
7:40 pm***7:55 pmsp events8:05 pm8:15 pm***8:25 pmsp events8:45 pm
8:50 pm***9:05 pmsp events9:15 pm9:25 pm***9:35 pmsp events9:55 pm
10:00 pmsp events10:20 pm10:30 pm***10:40 pmsp events11:00pm
**11:05 pmsp events**11:25 pm**11:35pm**11:45 pmsp events**12:05am

 *Rose Island opens May 27 - September 10, 2017, $5 landing fee. **June 19 - Sept.10, Friday & Saturday only

***Whistle pick-up and drop-off

Please refer back to this site for additional runs during special events.

Special Events:

July 28 - July 30 - Newport folk Festival  at Fort Adams

August 4 - August 6 - Newport Jazz Festival  at Fort Adams

September 14 - September 17: Newport International Boat Show  Express